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The Himalayas are known as one of the Greatest and most sought after mountain ranges in the World when it comes to REAL ADVENTURE seekers. People from all around the world visit the Himalayas every year for different reasons. And in India there isn't any place better than Himachal Pradesh for the adventure enthusiasts. From skiing to intense rock climbing and extreme trekking and also biking expeditions, cycling trails and white water rafting and ATV courses and much more, Himachal has it all.  

Kerry and the team have put together THE HIMALAYAN ADVENTURE CIRCUIT which will showcase all adventure activities the region can offer. This shall be an EXTREME action packed weekend with a selective few hand picked adventurers to battle it out in the mountains.



The experience involves traversing through the Himalyan terrain over 3 Days with adrenaline rushing activities. A Kerry Outdoor Expert and a Fitness Expert will guide you through the various stages of the  Circuit.


We begin the first leg of the Circuit with Paragliding, and soar amidst the mesmerizing mountains. Follow that with some Zorbing around the Valley. And to end this high energy day we will Cycle down the mountain trail. This leg tests your physical fitness.

The next stage of the circuit tests your Endurance apart from Physical Fitness. We have a Trek planned for you that takes you to the high reach of a Mountain, the panoramic views and the satisfaction will be your reward.

And as our Circuit reaches the final stage, we test our skills at Rock Climbing & Rappelling which helps one navigate around tough spots. Next, up is a ATV ride around the river trails, for that adrenaline rush. And with our blood rushing, we Raft down a river wrap up our first edition.



The himalayan Adventure Circuit - 10th to 12th April (2N 3D)


Day 00 (9th April) – 

Depart from Delhi around 6:00pm in the evening. 

Day 01 (10th April) –

Arrive at destination in the morning, and quickly freshen up and get ready. We will leave for a nearby Valley known for its wide options of Adventure Sports activities. As soon as we reach we go ahead for a thrilling session of paragliding. Catch a glimpse of the Towering Himalayan peaks from the air, with your adrenaline rushing. After landing, we proceed to participate in Zorbing, another activity picking up fame in the hills. Once we have our blood flowing in all the right places, we then will be Cycling down the Valley, to our place of stay for the night. On reaching the accommodation, you can check-in and

relax around a bonfire. Dinner will be served, post which everyone is advised to retire early since we are going to begin our day early next morning.

Day 02 (11th April) -

Wake up at dawn, and pack your things. We will have an early breakfast and get ready for a challenging trek that we have planned for you today. We will start hiking, and are expected to reach the final point of the Trek around 2:00pm. After resting for an hour, we will then head back down, and proceed to the next place of stay. Once at the property, one can relax and relieve their sore joints in front of the Bonfire. Settle in for the night after having your dinner.

Day 03 (12th April) - 

Another thrilling day awaits you today. After you have had your breakfast & packed your bags, we will begin our day with some Rock Climbing & Rappelling. We will then be heading out for an ATV ride amidst the forests, in close proximity to the gushing river. Post the ATV ride, we will get down to

the river and into our rafts, and head downstream. The rafting experience on this side of Himachal is quite stimulating, with the towering mountains on all

sides. Once we are off the rafts, we can all now breathe easy, and chill for sometime at a nearby café. We would prefer to leave by 6:00pm, so that we reach Delhi on time the next morning.

Day 04 (13th April) -

Reach back to Delhi early in the morning around 6:00-7:00 am.





The Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh

The Kullu Valley is a hub for all types of thrilling activities, and is frequented by people of all ages and from all backgrounds. The first choice among the trekkers in India, the terrain offers the perfect balance between raw beauty and a sense of adventure. Rumbling rivers, jungle trails, hot water springs, snowcapped peaks, picturesque waterfalls, a diverse flora & fauna; make the Kullu Valley the most sought after destination in all of India among adventure enthusiasts.

The Hostel (1st Night)

With an open-air setup, the property faces a fresh-flowing river, allowing you to have your perfect mornings, waking up to the sound of nature. Prepare to be flabbergasted by the stunning views of the Himalayas, from right outside your room. If you wish to take a break from your expeditions, pick a book that suits your mood from the library or play various board games with newly made friends. By the end of the day, relax in your cosily built dorm beds or exclusively prepared private rooms..

The Camp (2nd Night)

Our adventure circuit would be incomplete without the camping experience. April is one of best months for camping outdoors, and our campsite offers one a raw experience, under a blanket of stars. The sound of the river flowing nearby, and the fresh smell of nature just lifts your spirits and feeds your soul. Settle down around a bonfire to rest your sore limbs, and let the warmth of nature engulf you.


inclusions and exclusions

This experience comes at a cost of only Rs. 14,999/- per person, all inclusive.



- Accommodation for 2 / 3 Nights

- Travel Delhi to Delhi in a luxury mini bus

- The Outdoor Expert

- Activities 

   1. Paragliding, 

   2. Zorbing, 

   3. Mountain Biking, 

   4. Trekking, 

   5. Rock Climbing, 

   6. ATV Ride 

   7. Rafting

- Products from our partners

- Film / camera crew for the full trip

- Helpers, staff, adventure / outdoor gear 

- Kerry experienced manager

- Goodie gift bags from our partners

- Meals (2 Breakfasts & 2 Dinners)

- 2 Refreshment boxes



- Meals other than mentioned in inclusions

- Local transport if needed apart from the itinerary

- Anything not mentioned in the includes list




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